Select Conferences and Talks:

“Images of Nature in the Early Modern Gardening Manual,” Shakespeare Association of America, Washington DC, April 2019

Spenser’s The Faerie Queene and the Genealogy of Succession in Late-Elizabethan England,” Renaissance Society of America, Toronto, March 2019

“Shakespeare’s Singular Sonnets,” Shakespeare Association of America, Atlanta, April 2017

“Imagination and Practice: Philip Sidney’s Eclogues and the Uncertain Succession,” Renaissance Society of America, Boston, March 2016

“‘Courts inconstant mutabilitie’: Spenser and the Elizabethan Succession Debate,” Fifth International Spenser Society Conference, Dublin, June 2015

“‘A Chatting and Chapping Matter’: Manuscript and Pamphlet Evidence of the Elizabethan Succession Debate,” Renaissance Society of America, Berlin, March 2015

“Debating the Succession in Elizabethan England: An Archival Study,” The Director’s Seminar, Centre for Editing Lives and Letters, London, March 2015

“To ‘frame my will to your fantasies’: George Puttenham and the Rhetoric of the Succession Debate,” Renaissance Workshop, Princeton University, February 2015

“Sidney’s Pastoral Eclogues and the Succession Debate,” Private Languages in the Early Modern Era, Princeton University, April 2014

“Looking into Chapman’s Ovid: Poetry and Pleasure in George Chapman’s Ovids Banquet of Sence,” Ad mea tempora: Ovid in Ovidian times, Warburg Institute, March 2013