I teach graduate and undergraduate students. When I teach, I like to write detailed lecture notes for my courses. I have done so for Quantum Field Theory (Physics 253a,b/254), Waves (Physics 15c), and Statistical Mechanics (Physics 181). The quantum field theory notes have been incorporated into a textbook Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model,



The introductory quantum field theory course at Harvard has a long history. It was famously taught by Sidney Coleman for around 3 decades. Some of Coleman's lectures can be found here. My approach to field theory is somewhat different from Coleman's, and most other field theory classes, in that I try to keep a tight focus on connection to experiment. My course focuses on modern methods, such as effective field theories and the renormalization group.

More information about my Quantum Field Theory book can be found at https://schwartzqft.fas.harvard.edu/


Physics 181, Statistical Mechanics, is an undergraduate course for physics concentrators.

Here are the lecture notes for the Spring 2021 version of my course:

And a compiled version of all the lectures.


Physics 15c, The Physics of Waves is a sophomore level course for physics majors, the third in the sequence after mechanics and electromagnetism. The course includes a tremendous number of real world applicatoins, such as to the physics of color, music and communication.

Here are the lecture notes for the Spring 2016 version of my course: