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Curriculum Vitae

Ori Schwarz joined the department of Sociology at Bar-Ilan University in 2013, after receiving his PhD in Sociology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and spending a year as a Fulbright post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University. His main research focus are cultural sociology (and in particular, the cultural sociology of value and evaluation and of social identities); sociological theory, and digital sociology. Since 2019 he is a co-director of the Center for Cultural Sociology, Bar-Ilan University.

His studies on identities explore boundary work and doing identity in everyday life, and particularly the role of 'loudness' and of (real or imagined) sonic differences in the construction of social identities and hierarchies in Israel
; the sociology of authenticity – inequalities in the ascription of (in)authenticity and struggles over claims to authenticity; and the discursive construction of affinities between ethnicity, class, politics and culture and attempts to reshape them (e.g. in social movements and in political struggles over language use).

His studies on the cultural sociology of value and evaluation explore transformations in repertoires of cultural evaluation (and their influence on classification struggles),  the relationship between ethics and aesthetic judgment, and the role of cultural techniques of tasting, choice and evaluation on cultural consumption and decision making.

Finaly, Schwarz's work on digital sociology explores social network sites (addressing question of governance, power, political defriending and homophily, and identity and boundary work); digital data-objects and their influence on memory, intimacy, value production and subjectivity; and digital photography and its new roles in sundry social scripts and practices including religious rituals, romance, sexuality, and crime.


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