Spectral Library Searching To Identify Cross-Linked Peptides


Devin K Schweppe, Juan D Chavez, Arti T Navare, Xia Wu, Bianca Ruiz, Jimmy K Eng, Henry Lam, and James E Bruce. 2016. “Spectral Library Searching To Identify Cross-Linked Peptides.” J Proteome Res, 15, 5, Pp. 1725-31.


Methods harnessing protein cross-linking and mass spectrometry (XL-MS) offer high-throughput means to identify protein-protein interactions (PPIs) and structural interfaces of protein complexes. Yet, specialized data dependent methods and search algorithms are often required to confidently assign peptide identifications to spectra. To improve the efficiency of matching high confidence spectra, we developed a spectral library based approach to search cross-linked peptide data derived from Protein Interaction Reporter (PIR) methods using the spectral library search algorithm, SpectraST. Spectral library matching of cross-linked peptide data from query spectra increased the absolute number of confident peptide relationships matched to spectra and thereby the number of PPIs identified. By matching library spectra from bona fide, previously established PIR-cross-linked peptide relationships, spectral library searching reduces the need for continued, complex mass spectrometric methods to identify peptide relationships, increases coverage of relationship identifications, and improves the accessibility of XL-MS technologies.
Last updated on 01/15/2019