Big Data in Economics: Evolution or Revolution?


Mullainathan, S., Mol, C. D., Gautier, E., Giannone, D., Reichlin, L., van Dijk, H., & Wooldridge, J. (2017). Big Data in Economics: Evolution or Revolution? In L. Matyas, R. Blundell, E. Cantillon, B. Chizzolini, M. Ivaldi, W. Leininger, R. Mariman, et al. (Ed.), Economics without Borders: Economic Research for European Policy Challenges (pp. 612-632) . Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press.


The Big Data Era creates a lot of exciting opportunities for new developments in economics and econometrics. At the same time, however, the analysis of large datasets poses difficult methodological problems that should be addressed appropriately and are the subject of the present chapter.


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