Sergio Imparato teaches Political Philosophy, American Foreign Policy, and Policy Writing at Harvard University.

He is a Lecturer on Government at the Department of Government and a Lecturer in Social Science at Harvard Extension School. He also serves as the Head Teaching Fellow for Tech Ethics, a course taught by Michael Sandel and Douglas Melton at the Harvard College Program in General Education, and as the Course Administrator and Head Teaching Assistant for Michael Sandel’s course “Justice” at Harvard Extension School.

Dr. Imparato’s research focuses on the development of policy ideas and traditions in American foreign relations, the ethics and politics of executive power in advanced democracies, and issues of justice in contemporary political philosophy. He is the author of  The Sovereign President (Pisa University Press, 2015; in Italian), a study on the ethics and politics of presidential leadership in foreign affairs.

While at Harvard, Dr. Imparato won a teaching award for every year he taught at Harvard College, and was chosen twice among the “best 12 professors at Harvard” to give a lecture at “Harvard Lectures that Last”. He is the recipient of the Harvard Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, and the Harvard Certificate of Teaching Excellence. 

Before joining Harvard, Dr. Imparato was a visiting graduate student at the University of Cambridge, and a parliamentary assistant stagiare at the European Parliament.