Wave-CAIPI for highly accelerated MP-RAGE imaging


Daniel Polak, Kawin Setsompop, Stephen F Cauley, Borjan A Gagoski, Himanshu Bhat, Florian Maier, Peter Bachert, Lawrence L Wald, and Berkin Bilgic. 2018. “Wave-CAIPI for highly accelerated MP-RAGE imaging.” Magn Reson Med, 79, 1, Pp. 401-406.


PURPOSE: To introduce a highly accelerated T1-weighted magnetization-prepared rapid gradient echo (MP-RAGE) acquisition that uses wave-controlled aliasing in parallel imaging (wave-CAIPI) encoding to retain high image quality. METHODS: Significant acceleration of the MP-RAGE sequence is demonstrated using the wave-CAIPI technique. Here, sinusoidal waveforms are used to spread aliasing in all three directions to improve the g-factor. Combined with a rapid (2 s) coil sensitivity acquisition and data-driven trajectory calibration, we propose an online integrated acquisition-reconstruction pipeline for highly efficient MP-RAGE imaging. RESULTS: The 9-fold accelerated MP-RAGE acquisition can be performed in 71 s, with a maximum and average g-factor of g  = 1.27 and g  = 1.06 at 3T. Compared with the state-of-the-art method controlled aliasing in parallel imaging results in higher acceleration (2D-CAIPIRINHA), this is a factor of 4.6/1.4 improvement in g /g . In addition, we demonstrate a 57 s acquisition at 7T with 12-fold acceleration. This acquisition has a g-factor performance of g  = 1.15 and g  = 1.04. CONCLUSION: Wave encoding overcomes the g-factor noise amplification penalty and allows for an order of magnitude acceleration of MP-RAGE acquisitions. Magn Reson Med 79:401-406, 2018. © 2017 International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.
Last updated on 09/10/2018