High School Appretinceship Program at Harvard University (Summer 2016 -- Instructor at Harvard)

The goal of this summer program was to provide education and research experience to high school students. The course curriculum included ancestral tree reconstruction, modeling grasp and tactile sensing, and financial data analytics. I contributed to this program by designing/instructing the course on basic time-series models for financial applications. Course topics included random variables, continuous distributions, time-series, AR and ARMA models. The summer program appeared in the media.

Elements of Probability Theory and Random Processes (Fall 2010, Fall 2011 -- Teaching Assistant at UPenn)

The course provides solid probability foundation for graduate stundents in engineering, computer science, and applied mathematics. Course topics includes: discrete and continuous probability spaces; combinatorial probabilities; conditional probability and independence; Bayes rule and the theorem of total probability; arithmetic and lattice distributions: the Bernoulli scheme: distributions related to the binomial and the Poisson; the de Moivre-Laplace limit theorem; continuous distributions: the uniform, exponential, normal, and related densities; order statistics and limit theorems; what is randomness? congruential random number generators and tests for randomness; random variables and vectors; distribution functions, probability density functions, and probability mass functions; independent random variables; Borel's normal law and unexpected connections with number theory; measures of central tendency­ mean, median, mode; mathematical expectation from naive expectation to the Lebesgue theory; moments; conditional expectation; moment generating functions and characteristic functions; tail inequalities Markov, Chebyshev, Chernoff; the weak and strong law of large numbers; probability sieves, auxiliary randomisation, and the Stein-Chen method; the central limit theorem; random processes; Gaussian and Poisson processes; stationarity and ergodicity; correlation functions; spectral densities; filtered random processes; bandlimited processes and the sampling theorem.

Signals and Systems (Spring 2009 -- Teaching Assistant at Sharif U. of Tech.)

The course introduces undergraduates with foundations of signal processing and communication. Course topics includes: time and frequency domain representations and analysis of signals and systems; convolution and linear input-output systems in continuous and discrete time; Fourier transforms and Fourier series for continuous- and discrete-time signals; Laplace and Z transforms; analog and digital filtering; modulation; sampling; FFT; applications in circuit analysis, communication, control, and computing.

Principles of Electrical Engineering Lab. (Fall 2008 -- Lab. Assistant at Sharif U. of Tech.)

The course provides first-year undergraduates with hands-on experience of basic electrical circuits. Course topics includes: design of elementary electrical circuits; Kirchhoff's laws; Opamps; circuits with feedbacks; power and energy; first-order circuits.