Dr. Shaoshan Liu is Founder and CEO of PerceptIn (, a company focusing on providing visual perception solutions for autonomous robots and vehicles. Since founding, PerceptIn has attracted over 12 million USD of funding from top-notched venture capital firms including Walden International, Matrix Partners, and Samsung Ventures.

    Before founding PerceptIn, Dr. Shaoshan Liu was a founding member of Baidu U.S.A. as well as the Baidu Autonomous Driving Unit, in charge of system integration of autonomous driving systems.  Dr. Shaoshan Liu received Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from University of California, Irvine. His research focuses on Computer Architecture, Deep Learning Infrastructure, Robotics, and Autonomous Driving.

    Dr. Shaoshan Liu has published over 40 high-quality research papers and holds over 150 U.S. international patents on robotics and autonomous driving, he is also the lead author of the best selling textbook "Creating Autonomous Vehicle Systems”, which is the first technical overview of autonomous vehicles written for a general computing and engineering audience.  In addition, as a senior member of IEEE, to bridge communications between global autonomous driving researchers and practitioners, Dr. Shaoshan Liu co-founded the IEEE Special Technical Community on Autonomous Driving Technologies ( and serve as the Founding Vice President.

    Dr. Shaoshan Liu’s research work has made great impacts to the robotics and autonomous driving industry.  One example is the patented DragonFly visual perception technology, which enable reliable low-speed autonomous driving with total cost less than $10000 USD,  a breakthrough step towards ubiquitous deployment of autonomous driving (  Dr. Shaoshan Liu’s work received international recognitions both within and outside the technology community, and attracted massive media interests, selected media coverage includes Forbes, L.A. Times, IEEE Spectrum, TechCrunch, ReadWrite, China Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Nikkei Robotics, Wedge etc.

    Dr. Shaoshan Liu is a senior member of IEEE, an ACM Distinguished Speak, and a IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Speaker. 

    An updated resume of Dr. Shaoshan Liu can be found at LinkedIn

    Recently, Dr. Shaoshan Liu focuses his efforts on building the DragonFly car, the world’s first affordable, safe, and reliable autonomous vehicle ready to ignite the transportation revolution. Ready for immediate deployment, DragonFly is uniquely equipped to start to make the transportation revolution a reality globally by cutting emissions, reducing driver deaths and accidents, and creating more efficient transportation economics around the world. Some technical and non-technical introduction of Dr. Shaoshan Liu's work on autonomous driving can be found below:

    Having been a successful technological innovator for the past 15 years, Dr. Shaoshan Liu's ultimate career goal is to improve human society through technological advancements. This goal can be divided into three sub-goals: to accelerate technological advancements through community collaborations; to democratize advanced technologies so that all people can have equal access to technologies; to regulate technological advancements so that they stay beneficial, instead of becoming harmful, to human society.  Hence, while at Harvard Kennedy School, Dr. Shaoshan Liu's research and study focus on policy making for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to co-exist with and to stay beneficial to mankind.