My research interests are in the field of condensed matter theory, with a particular focus on the out-of-equilibrium phenomena in correlated quantum systems. This direction of research is motivated by remarkable experimental progress in solid state physics, quantum information science, and the field of ultracold atoms, which have made it possible to prepare, manipulate and probe quantum many-body systems in real time. Dynamics of correlated many-body systems is of particular interest. These systems are characterized by multitudes of entangled internal degrees of freedom, which when brought out-of-equilibrium exhibit a complicated energy redistribution and rich multiscale dynamics. Out-of-equilibrium studies provide an opportunity to reveal their intrinsic properties and brings new questions of universality in dynamics of quantum systems to the scientific forefront.

The theoretical description of dynamics in quantum many-body systems is a challenging task. The my research goal is to develop approaches that are applicable to non-equilibrium problems in various areas of condensed matter physics. Below I provide several research directions in which I am interested.

  1. Physics of mobile impurities
    Dynamics of Bose and Fermi polarons in degenerate quantum gases
    Polarons in the strong coupling regime
    Formation of bi-polarons
    Single-impurity Kondo physics at extreme particle-hole asymmetry
  2. Manipulation of entangled qubits
    Dissipative phase transitions in quantum optics
    Application of the Majorana fermion technique to spin systems interacting with light
    Elements of quantum computing
  3. Exotic order in many-body systems
    Intertwined and vestigial order with ultracold atoms in multiple cavity modes
  4. Quantum transport
    Transport through engineered atomic spin devices
    Modeling the metastable dynamics of correlated structures
    Single molecule transistors
  5. Quantum statistical physics
    Description of emissive correlated systems with quantum statistical ensemble
    Statistical properties of quantum systems in ultralow-density regime