Freshman Seminar 61g: Musics in Motion





Freshman seminar. Music is on the move, traveling across geographical boundaries to reach new and broader audiences. As a result, most locales today support a broad array of musics with different histories and styles. This seminar took a comparative approach to the sounds, settings, and significances of a cross-section of music traditions and their interactions. Along the way, we played the Senegalese sabar drums, dance the tango, and attended two world music concerts. We discussed music's mobility through human migration and virtual channels; the transformative role of musical performance in ritual, politics, and the marketplace; and the many ways in which music shapes individual and collective memory and identity. If music is a medium of expression through which we pray, protest, remember, and relax, it can also provide a lens through which we can understand the most deeply felt aspects of human experience and mark changes in the world around us.