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  • WGS2019

    World Government Summit 2019 at Dubai

    Together with colleagues in The Future Society, we organized the first AI Global Governance Roudtable

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    Revisiting Begging Grandmas of Xi'an

    Grandma Le (middle) and her friends in summer 2018. She was featured in our documentary "The End of Bitterness"

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    Conducting fieldwork in Didi Headquarter Beijing 2017-2018

    My dissertation features Didi managers, depicting their local moral world and ethical values


I am an anthropologist of technology, economy and social policy with a regional focus on China. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate of social anthropology at Harvard University, with a secondary field in Science, Technology, and Society.

​My dissertation "Platform ethics: algorithmic governance on China's ride-sharing platforms" looks at the production and contestation of ethical values on ridesharing platforms in China. It explores how, Didi, the largest digital transportation platform in China, has monopolized transportation services and is employing fluid techniques of governance such as invisible monitoring, real-time tracking, and data-feedback to coordinate and discipline its users. During 20 months of fieldwork in China, I observed how the platform ethics embedded in algorithmic governance are being practiced, interpreted, and negotiated in a variety of local communities. 

​I am also interested in using my research findings to make social policies that could empower individuals in global technological transformations. I am currently serving as the China representative for global think tank The Future Society, working on artificial intelligence policy research and community building between academia, governments, and industries.

​I completed M.A. degree in sociocultural anthropology at Columbia University and B.A. at Shanghai International Studies University.

Download my resumes here.

Watch my speech at 2019 Harvard Horizons Synposium: