Speeches and Presentations


Upcoming    “Integrating Textual Analysis and Ethnography to Understand Moral Discontent in China," to be presented in Annual Meeting for Annual Meeting of Association for Asian Studies, Boston, 2020, Mar.19-22.

Upcoming    Invited speaker and member of expert meeting of Vertical Atlas-Archipelago.cn, Het Nieuwe Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Dec.5, 2019.

Upcoming    Invited penalist at Annual Meeting of Harvard Global Advisory Council, presidential advisory group of alumni and benefactors of Harvard University, Oct.17, 2019

Upcoming    “On-demand Desire: Female as Productive Forces on China’s Ride-Hailing Platforms," to be presented in panel New Frontiers in the Gig Economy, Annual Meeting for American Anthropological Association, Vancouver, 2019, Nov.20-24.

Oct. 2019     "Moralizing Disruption— Inside China’s Ride-Hailing Revolution," Invited Speech at Department of Communication and New Media, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Oct.2.

Sept. 2019    “Collaborative Disruption:Creative Dissidents on China’s Ridesharing Platforms," presented in panel Disrupting Algorithms, Annual Meeting for Society for Social Studies of Science, New Orleans, Sept.4-7.

May 2019      "Ethics of Disruption: Hacking the Ride-hailing Platforms in China," Invited speech at University of Helsinki, Helsinki, May.10.

Apr. 2019      "Human Agency on Digital Platforms," 2019 Harvard Horizons Symposium, Cambridge, MA Apr.10.

Apr. 2018      "Moralities of a Platform: Algorithmic Governance in China's Ride-sharing Industry," invited speech at Research Institute of Anthropology, East China Normal University, Apr. 8. 

Mar. 2017      "Anti-Communities: Precarious Living in Shanghai's Hidden Slums", presented in panel "Taking Care of the Rich and Poor in Contemporary China", 2017 Annual Meeting of AAS, Toronto, Mar.16-19.

Nov. 2016       “The App before Uber: Local Communities and Techno-Social Innovations in Urban China", presented in invited panel "Value and Values: Social Enterprises and Sharing Economy in East Asia", 115th Annual Meeting of the AAA, MN, Nov.16-20.

Feb. 2016        Invited Panelist of “Finance and World Economy” panel in HPAIR 2016  (Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations), Harvard University, Feb.13-15.

Nov.2015        “Informal Economy As Urban Infrastructure: The Emergence of the Taxicab Industry in Republic Era Shanghai,” presented in panel “A Historical  Anthropology of Informal Economy in Urban China,” 114th AAA Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, Nov. 18-22.

Feb.2013        “A Megacity in Migration Era: Embedded Urban Poverty in Shanghai,” presented to Columbia University Graduate Conference on East Asia hosted by Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University, Feb.15-16.

Jan.2013        “ ‘Ants People’ (yi zu) in Shanghai: Resistance of the Disempowered Youth”, presented in panel “Anthropology of Youth in Asia”, forum Anthropology in Asia: Conceptions, Perspectives and Debates, the 5th Annual on Asian Anthropology hosted by Chinese University of Hong KongHK, Jan. 18-19.