I am a physician who specializes in the care of patients in the emergency department.  After completing my training in Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, I joined Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School (HMS) as a fellow where I conducted research on digital health and knowledge transfer of science. I also practice emergency medicine in both the emergency room setting and urgent care. I am an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Assistant in Computer Science at the Lab of Computer Science at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Area of Excellence: Digital Health
My research interests and expertise revolve around the practice of emergency medicine and digital health.  Since 2019, I have been actively involved in the implementation of digital health solutions towards patient care and improvement of the healthcare system for public health. I helped found GetUsPPE, a nationally and internationally recognized digital organization that has helped healthcare workers and patients receive PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic with over 2.5 million pieces of PPE delivered within 6 months. I am the inventor of the Anatomical Heart and Lung Emojis coming to both Apple iOS and Android phones globally in late 2020 with an impact on digital health worldwide, and I oversee the medical section of Emojination, an organization responsible for emojis including the interracial couple emoji and dumpling emoji. I also work at the intersection of medicine and technology transfer.

I am also an educator working to create the next generation of Emergency medicine physicians. I am part of the core team at the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine, where I publish about Opioid Use Disorder the potential of remote work and asynchronous learning in helping improve educational outcomes. I also help stand up the technical infrastructure, front end UX, and design of the website in order to improve searchability, learning outcomes and usability.

I work in user centered design and digital nudges to improve human behavior, such as in the opioid epidemic that impacts over 100,000 patients seen in the emergency room visits per year. The Getwaivered team helped to hold the largest ever DEA-X waiver course, getting over 800+ physicians in emergency medicine to obtain their DEA-X Waiver funded by the Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts. I am also a nationwide advocate for responsible reopening policies and am part of the team at, an authoritative modeling website cited and used by the state of New Jersey, the state of Nevada, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York to help influence reopening policy with 13 million users since March, over 100,000 subscribers to our daily email updates, over 100,000 subscribers to our dynamic alert system, and 1.5 million interactions on Facebook alone. I also serve on the American College of Emergency Physicians supply chain task force to help shape the response of emergency medicine physicians in future pandemics using novel technology.