S17 Class 04: Dimension

Class 04:

Before class, watch the lecture material linked below
Post at least one question or comment on Piazza (access via Canvas or directly).  See "Check Yourself" Q1 for details.
Check yourself via the Class 04 Check Yourself on Canvas (Due by 11:59pm on Tues Jan 31)
In class, we'll work on examples of these ideas: (see file below)
After class, complete the homework (problems due Friday Feb 10th)

Video summary:
Watch the videos below
Corresponding text: sections sort of 3.5; 3.6, 3.7
V01 (Sa)  |  Dimension  (All)  |  6 min
V02 (Sa)  |  Nondimensionalizing (All)  |  12 min
V03 (Sa)  |  Bistability (All)  |   11 min
V04 (Sa)  |  Generating bistability (All)  |  12 min
V05 (St)   |  Cusp catastrophe example setup (5:22 to 16:36)  |  11 min

52 minutes
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