S17 Class 06: Prepping for 2D


Class 06:
Before class, watch the lecture material linked below and do the activity posted on Piazza.
Post at least one question or comment on Piazza (access via Canvas or directly).  See "Check Yourself" Q1 for details.
Check yourself via the Class 06 Check Yourself on Canvas (Due by 11:59pm on Tues Feb 7)
In class, we'll work on related ideas: (activity will be posted)
After class, complete the homework (problems due Friday Feb 17th)

Video summary:
Watch the videos below reviewing ideas from linear algebra as we prepare for 2D. 
Next, head to Piazza for a LaTeX (math typesetting) activity.
V01 (Sarah)  |  Matrices, eigenvalues  (All)  |  7 min
V02 (Sarah)  |  Eigenvectors  (All)  |  4 min
Activity  |  LaTeX template and instructions on Piazza


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