What I've been up to recently

May 2021: I co-authored a preprint in collaboration with the Balskus lab on the prophage-inducing properties of colibactin, a small molecule produced by gut bacteria.

October 2020: I gave an invited seminar for the Salmonella and Enterics Group at MLW in Blantyre Malawi.

October 2020: I gave an invited talk to the Iqbal group at EMBL-EBI, Cambridge UK.

Septemeber 2020: I gave an invited seminar for the Molecular and Genetics seminar series at Brandeis University, USA. Thanks to Alex for inviting me!

July 2020: I gave a talk about my recent preprint at the (virtual) Boston Bacterial Meeting 2020

July 2020: I published a preprint describing a new prophage-encoded phage defense system, check it out!

June 2020: We resumed limited wet lab research at the Baym lab -YAY

May 2020: I gave an invited seminar for the phage seminar series organised by the Millard lab at the University of Leicester, UK

March 2020: We shut down our wet lab as Harvard suspended non-essential research activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic :'(

December 2020: I co-organised the inaurgural meeting of Boston PFU, a meeting to connect phage-researchers in the Boston area

October 2019: I gave an invited seminar for The Parsons Lab Microbial Systems Seminar Series at MIT

June 2019: I somehow found myself presenting 3 talks and 2 posters at ASM Microbe 2019 in San Francisco- YIKES

May 2019: I had a great time visiting and giving an invited seminar at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. Thanks to the Graduate Student Association for the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences for the invitation!

April 2019: I was awarded the Roche Travel Award for Phage Genomics to attend the upcoming ASM Microbe 2019 in San Francisco later this year- thanks Division M!