Sid Seeking Early Adopters

October 1, 2019

The Sid production Environment is Turned On 

Last Friday, the Sid production environment was quietly turned on in preparation for our Oct 30th Sid 1.0 release.

This Monday the production environment was capacity tested.  Production is  currently configured to allow up to 100 jobs,  5X the actual number of jobs we'll officially support in ...

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Sprint 2019_04-SystemSaturation

September 12, 2019

Ended: September 12, 2019


This print continued the theme of system scalability.  We looked at how the system degrades when resources are constrained.  


The team invested significant time in understanding how Kubernetes can be configured to impact how the system degrades under resource...

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Sprint 2019-03-SystemScalability

August 23, 2019

Ended: August 23, 2019 Extended 2 days from Aug 21)

This sprint is focused on system scalability, In particular enabling elastic Kubernetes on AWS  Our next sprint is building on this work as we look at the system behavior under resource saturation

Objectives going in:

In this sprint we will:

() Move what was left stranded on the board across the board. (2 issues)
() We will work on usability issues for the sid Apps.
() This sprint is a week and a half versus our regular 2 week sprints.

Review of Results...

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Sid Sprint: S.2019-02-DesktopUsability

August 7, 2019

In this sprint we:

  • Moved what was left stranded on the board across the board.
  • We worked on usability issues for the Sid Apps. 
  • This sprint is a week and a half versus our regular 2 week sprints.

Most of what was worked in this sprint was either directly or indirectly a result of the result of the first working session with Soner's CSS team. It ended with a follow-up with the team. Several additional issues came out of this working session....

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Sid Sprint: S.2019-01-DesktopStability completed

July 26, 2019


This is the first team sprint.

  • Investigate and resolve Desktop application stability
  • Enable Google drive accessibility with Google.
  • Secondary Goals
    • Flush the pending QA queue
    • Various usability Issues

Work was centered on stability of the Sid applications, with a focus on the Sid Desktop. The next sprint will concentrate on the same.

Most of what was worked on this...

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Sid G.9 Released

June 28, 2019

This is a limited first release that puts processes and infrastructure in place to support an expanded scope and an expanded, geographically dispersed team.

Work was concentrated in these areas:


  • Formal environments for Development, Testing, and Production
  • Reproducibility of instantiation of Development, Testing, and Production environments
  • Process for on-boarding additional team members
  • Formalized code management
  • Formalized release process
  • UI related issues...
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