Sid Seeking Early Adopters

October 1, 2019

The Sid production Environment is Turned On 

Last Friday, the Sid production environment was quietly turned on in preparation for our Oct 30th Sid 1.0 release.

This Monday the production environment was capacity tested.  Production is  currently configured to allow up to 100 jobs,  5X the actual number of jobs we'll officially support in our 1.0 release.  As shown in the diagram below the system scaled up to it's configured capacity and backed down gracefully as the jobs were launched and  later ended.  

Sid first production Scale

Sid is Seeking Early Adopters

We are seeking a limited number of early adopters.  

Sid will launch with a limited number of seats because  we’d like to work 1:1 with the initial researchers using the system.    

If you  are part the IQSS affiliate program and are interested in participating, please reach out and talk to: Michael Reekie (  requesting to join the Sid Early Adopter program.

The researcher profile we are looking at are those that:
- Want to use one of the applications listed below
- Require 1 CPU and <= 4GB RAM  (Note - this matches approximately 70% of users currently using RCE)
- Does not require access to confidential data. (We're not there yet, but this critical feature is on it's way) 

Available Sid Apps



Sprint News

Sid sprint 2019_05-SystemProduction has completed. 

During this sprint the focus was on getting a MVP production environment enabled.  We were aiming for fixed low capacity environment but were able to enable Elastic scaling instead.

Sid sprint 2019_06-SystemSecurity has started.  This is the first sprint focused primarily on satisfying security requirements. It's going to be a long climb to satisfy all of the required Level 3 requirements but Sid is on it's way.