What is Sid?


Sid is a new research environment that is slated to replace the Venerable IQSS Research Compute Environment (RCE).  

Sid offers access to the same tools as the RCE.

Sid offers the same security as the RCE.

Sid runs in the cloud.

Sid runs interactively.

Sid is named after beloved professor Sid Verba.  Sid allows users with a HarvardKey and appropriate credentials to run on analyze research data on secure cloud computing and storage resources using a web browser.




Using Sid:

Researchers interact with Sid via a web browser. After logging in using their Harvard Key  a researcher picks from the available research applications. 

The available applications are:

  • A Linux desktop that is pre-configured with statistics tools
  • Rstudio interactive environment
  • Jupyter interactive environment

The researcher  requests CPU, memory, and cloud storage and launches the application.

Select Jupyter Notebook

Sid hands off a URL that directly links the user to their running application.

Interact with Sid