Hello!  Thanks for your interest in my work.  I am a PhD student at Harvard University.  My main research interests are in development economics, political economy and labour economics, with a regional focus on South Asia.  My job market paper studies how political dynasties affect economic development. 

Other work includes (i) a project examining the long-run labour market impacts of vocational secondary education, using the creation of the Normal Technical stream in Singapore as a natural experiment; (ii) a large-scale field experiment in India that studies why voters elect criminal politicians, and highlights the role of information frictions and coordination failure; (iii) a paper that exploits a series of reforms to the sport of cricket to show how the presence of a neutral colleague reduces umpiring bias; and (iv) an ongoing project studying the long-run impact of accepting refugees on local economic activity using the Partition of India as a natural experiment.

I previously worked as an economist for the Chief Economic Adviser to the Indian government and as a research economist for the Singapore government.  I have a BSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics from the LSE, and grew up (largely) in Singapore.