Week 5 - Commonly used expressions



1. …越来越收欢迎/越来越流行

has gained a great deal of popularity in the past decade.


Fast food has gained a great deal of popularity in the past decade


Working at home has gained a great deal of popularity in the past decade

2. …越来越. have been Increasingly doing

The standard of living in China has been improving since....

3. 随着社会经济发展

With the progressive social and economic development,

4. 随着科技的进步

With the advancement of science and technology,

5. 缺少/不充足会导致

Lack of …. might lead to …

Insufficient … might...

例子 Lack of exercise might lead to a higher risk of obesity


例子 Insufficient water resource might eventually lead to civil war.



a. be important /be essential/be crucial

例子 Learning English is important/ learning English is crucial…

b. Play an essential role in + doing/sth

例子 Team cooperation plays an essential role in students’ academic life.


Play a more important role in/ be more important in comparison

Further research and investment in renewable energy is more important in comparison.


be an indispensable part of ...

9. 没有足够的

Not sufficient = not enough

例子 Insufficient education resource is detrimental for students’ academic performance and furthermore, slow learners are more likely to experience inadequate supports from the tutors

10. 能/可以 can/be able to + do

              Be capable of doing

Everyone is capable of comprehending the concepts with enough trainings, and therefore, it is important for employees to provide guides and trainings for new hires and eventually it might lead to an increase in both industrial efficiency and productivity     

11…sb/sth有好处, 因为

It is beneficial for sb to do sth

例子 It is beneficial for students to learn a new language because being fluent in a second language gives students the opportunity to study or work abroad.

12 …sb/sth 有坏处, 因此。。。

              Xxx is detrimental for…

              Xxx is harmful for …

例子Several air and water pollution is detrimental for the public health and therefore, it is essential for government to take effective measures against pollutants.


              Make it possible for sb to do/ enable sb to do/ allow sb to do


The advent of artificial intelligence makes it possible for many companies to eradicate the majority of labor force.

The reduction of corporate tax allows companies to reduce the price of their main products, and as a result, they can be more competitive with losing a huge chunk of their profit margin.