Carl Schmitt: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

July 22, 2011

Together with Jens Meierhenrich (senior lecturer at London School of Economics and Political Science), I am planning a collection of essays on Carl Schmitt. Notwithstanding the recent spate of publications devoted to Schmitt in law, the social sciences, and the humanities, the existing literatures do not speak to one another. Only an interdisciplinary approach, we believe, promises to provide the perspective necessary for truly penetrating the convoluted world of this frequently invoked thinker. Uniquely located at the intersection of law, the social sciences, and the humanities, and geared towards synthesizing insights from these disciplines, this handbook will address primarily undergraduate and graduate students in the humanities. To this end, we have asked leading scholars from the United States and Europe to contribute chapters addressing fundamental as well as previously neglected topics (Giorgio Agamben, David Dyzenhaus, Andreas Kalyvas, Martti Koskeniemi, John McCormick, Reinhard Mehring, Herfried Münkler, David Pan, Eric Posner, William Rasch, William Scheuerman, Alexander Schmitz, and Adrian Vermeule).