Go team!

"Row row row the boat....", the rhythm of the poetry keep echoing in my mind along with each reaching, catching and pulling. Icy marina water, chilly wind, drizzles, and city lights inspire me. Furious passions entangled in a team, which is spiritual bounded. Sit ready, let's GO! CYPN-STORM-VALOR!

Hey Ivy

One of the happiest moments in 2018 was to meet my daughter, Ivy, in real!

As a young father, I decided to grow with you.


Getting funded:)

回到波士顿,回国这一趟还是满满的收获。首先感谢导师Prof. Wu和Dr. Greer的极力推荐还有Prof. Cox和 Prof. Lo的给力打call, 获得了Croucher基金会两年的资助。感谢卢老师提供的成绩资料。同时也感谢小胡和小胡爸的闪电帮助,让我顺利去到香港完成面试。从两年前Fulbright funding的失利到这次Croucher的收获, 经历了很多也成长了很多。


感谢Prof.Shi和Dr. Zhu的例行批准,在过了截止日期还让我参加冷泉港会议,并结识同领域的专家学者,在表观遗传的知识海洋里畅游了一番。



前方的风景亦会怎样,我满怀期待,人在旅途,答案自会在。平素莫逆于心,临别难舍,望大家一切安好!I keep my fingers crossed.

Half-marathon in Boston

Just finished my second half-marathon here at Boston, hoo... The chilly and rainy weather was not a hurdle. Recalling the first time running 21K in Cambodia in 2015, it was like yesterday. Time flies, life is like a marathon, we are on the way together, not alone. 




HMS Epigenetic Symposium

Attended the epigenetic symposium for the whole day, actually a fruitful day. My head is full of nucleosome positioning, imprinting, histone methylation, accessibility. Some cool tech - Denatured CLIP-seq and oligo-painting...Admittedly, we are created with lots of ultraconserved elements. What are the functions of these UCEs? The enhancer talk totally enlightened my day. Those enhancer RNAs(eRNA) did better job than histone marks. Just wonder how these eRNAs are regulated, given their short half-life? Loads of expsss tmr...add oil...