Profile PhotoSeung Kyum is a teaching fellow at Harvard University and a John R. Meyer Dissertation Fellow at Joint Center for Housing Studies. His current research examines the economic impact of climate change adaptation measures on the real estate markets in coastal cities.

Seung Kyum holds a Master degree in Design Studies, Risk and Resilience concentration, from Harvard University. Before his post-professional degree, he has served as a director of international cooperation on large urban infrastructural projects. He has practiced in various fields from planning and design to policy and administration, in private and public sectors both in the United States and South Korea. These experiences expanded his research interests in understanding the current challenges facing the design practices in the market place, particularly at the interplay between infrastructure development, local economy and politics.

He has organized several summit-level inter-governmental conferences and managed national projects related in water and disaster, for which he received the President’s Award from the President of the Republic of Korea for his outstanding contribution in urban resilience and economic development dealing with flood management and drought mitigation.