I'm a Ph.D. student studying Chinese politics at the Harvard Government Department.  My research focuses on the politics of urban development and land property rights, seen through a distributive lens.  In particular, I study the relationship between local governments, developers, landholders, and government officials, how those relationships are regulated, and the implications for the distribution of the wealth generated by urban development.

More broadly, I research municipal politics in China, with a particular interest in the role of leadership.  I have nurtured this interest through the study of municipal development policies, government land sales, budgeting, and--last but not least--personnel assignments.  Working with Chen Hao, Cheng Cheng, Wang Yuhua, and Xu Changxin, I am working to create a dataset of all officials who have served in leadership positions in Shanxi 山西 province since the founding of the Communist Party in 1921.  So far, we have a dataset of over 50,000 distinct officials.

Along with Colleen Chiu-Shee, Chen Hao, and Zhang Guanchi, I help organize the Urban China Workshop.  Before COVID, we used to meet in person in Boston.  Now we meet on Zoom, with speakers from around the world.  You can join our mailing list here.