Slawa is a post-doctoral fellow at the Geary Institute for Public Policy at University College Dublin and a Visiting Scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She has a Ph.D. in Health Policy from Harvard University, with a concentration in Evaluative Sciences and Statistics. She applies a mixed-methods approach to research questions in the areas of adolescent health, reproductive health, and maternal and child health. Her focus is on the development and evaluation of programmes and policies to improve women's health throughout the lifecourse.

Current research projects:

Principal Investigator, Evaluation of reliable solar energy on quality of maternal care in Uganda (with Jessica Cohen)

Working papers:

  • Impact of Ethiopia's minimum age of marriage law on reproductive health: Analysis using synthetic control
  • Disparities in Early Life Investments and Children’s Time Use in Ireland (with Mark McGovern, under review)
  • Cost-effectiveness of a mobile Health-supported lifestyle intervention for preventing gestational diabetes mellitus (with Fionnuala McAuliffe and Elizabeth O’Sullivan, under review)
  • The context of emergency contraception use among young women in Ghana: a qualitative study (with Sonja Merten, under review)
  • The long run returns to being breastfed: effects on economic and cognitive outcomes (with Mark McGovern)
  • Do Maternity Providers Do What they Know?: Know-Do Gaps in the Quality of Maternal and Newborn Care in Rural Uganda (with Jessica Cohen)
  • The Great Recession, Household Income, and Children's Test Scores (with Mark McGovern)