Courses taught:

University College Dublin School of Public Health, Physiotherapy, and Sports Science

  • Principles of Health Economics (PHPS40860) - this is an introductory module specifically tailored to non-economists. It provides an introduction to the main concepts in health economics, an overview of economic principles with particular application to health care, and the criteria for conducting sound economic evaluations of health care interventions.

Guest lectures:

  • Econometric Methods in Impact Evaluation; "Theory and application of the synthetic control method"; Harvard School of Public Health 2019.
  • Acheiving the Sustainable Development Goals; "Maternal and Child Health"; University College Dublin 2017; 2019.
  • "Aiding" the Sick, Hungry, and Poor: African Develpment in Debate; "Methods for impact evaluation"; New York University 2012.

Teaching Fellow experience:

  • Prof David Cutler, Harvard University - The Business and Politics of Health
  • Prof Joshua Salomon, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health - Measuring Population Health

Other teaching experience:

  • Math camp for first year doctoral students
  • Peace Corps Math teacher at Collège (Middle School) level in Guinea