Graduate Students

Principal Dissertation Adviser

Laura K. Morreale, Ph.D. Fordham University 2004. Dissertation: "Chronicle and Community in Northern Italy, 1270-1360." Website.

Jennifer Speed, Ph.D. Fordham University 2009. Dissertation: "The Politics of Emotion in Thirteenth-Century Iberia." Website.

Elizabeth Hardman, Ph.D. Fordham University 2010. Dissertation: "Justice, Jurisdiction, and Choice: The Church Courts of Carpentras in the Fifteenth Century."

Christopher Beck, Ph.D. Fordham University 2012. Dissertation: "Seizing Liberties: Private Right, Public Good, and Letter of Marque in Medieval Marseille." Website.

Rena Lauer, Ph.D. Harvard University 2014. Dissertation: "Venice’s Colonial Jews: Community, Identity, and Justice in Late Medieval Venetian Crete."

Rowan Dorin, Ph.D. Harvard University (expected 2015). Dissertation: "Expulsions of Foreign Merchants & Moneylenders in Western Europe, 1200-1450." Website.