Throughout my doctorate I have taught six different courses as Teaching Fellow for the master's students at the Harvard Kennedy School and the School of Education:

  • Why are Countries Poor, Volatile and Unequal? (Macro Development) (HKS, Prof. Ricardo Hausmann, Fall 2016 and 2017)
  • Economic Development (HKS, Profs. Asim Khwaja and Lant Pritchett, Spring 2017)
  • Advanced Econometrics (HKS, Prof. Alberto Abadie, Fall 2016)
  • Introduction to Microeconomics (HGSE, Prof. Stephen Taylor, Fall 2015)
  • Public Finance and Fiscal Policy (HKS, Prof. Jay Rosengrad, Fall 2015)
  • Financial Inclusion (HKS Executive Education, Profs. Asim Khwaja and Rohini Pande, TF 2016 & Head TF 2017)

Teaching evaluations available upon request.