5. Entrepreneur and job experience

Business Positions (owned): 

  • Textile industry
  • Financial market
  • Fitness industry

Job Positions

  • Sept 2004 – Dec 2004: Project assistant, Guru Nanak Khalsa College, India (Isolation of bioluminescence from marine fishes). Assisted in isolation of the organism, preparation related to experiment and analysis.
  • Apr 2005 – May 2005: Trainee, Pathology Department, Shushrushah hospital, India. Learned pathology techniques.
  • Jun 2005- Dec 2006: Research associate, Guru Nanak Khalsa College, India (Extraction of essence from Hedychium coronarium, Analysis of antibiotic activity of the exudates, extracted from the fruit-Thevetia neriifolia and Isolation of Chromobacter (Janthiobacterum) from soil.) Assisted in project planning, executation and analysis.
  • May 2007- Jun 2007: Trainee, ACTREC, India (Role of cytokeratin on squamous epithelial cells in oral cancer). Learned all labaortory techniques and good laboratory practices.
  • Jan 2007- Aug 2009: Lecturer, Mukesh coaching classes for Biotechnology and Life sciences, India. Taught Bachelor of Sciences students of Biotechnology and Life sciences.
  • Jun 2008 – Dec 2008: Research Associate, University of Mumbai, India. (Biodiesel from canteen waste oil). Carried out extraction, analysis and project presentation.
  • Apr 2009 – Jun 2009: Visiting Faculty, South Indian Education Society, Nerul, India. Taught PG diploma students in Applied and Inductrial Biotechnology.
  • Jan 2009- Jan 2010: Project Assistant, University of Mumbai, India. (Effects of food additives on DNA damage.) Carried out estimation of DNA damage using comet assay wherein the technique was standardized using human lymphocytes.
  • April 2018- April 2019: Chief Learning Officer, Startup India USA, Boston, USA (To launch and support aspiring entrepreneurs and empowering them, coordinate and communicate with CEO, organizing meetups and events)
  • June 2018- July 2018: Journal Club Facilitator, Dana Faber/Harvard Cancer Centre, USA (90 mins per week, Journal club discussion and presentation for college and high school summer students of SPARC, CURE, U54 and YES for CURE program).
  • Dec 2018 – April 2019: Syllabus revision, University of Mumbai, India (Assisted and contributed in revising Master’s in Science of Biotechnology syllabus for the year 2019-2020).