FPGA-based spectral envelope preprocessor for power monitoring and control


Zachary Remscrim, James Paris, Steven B Leeb, Steven R Shaw, Sabrina Neuman, Christopher Schantz, Sean Muller, and Sarah Page. 2010. “FPGA-based spectral envelope preprocessor for power monitoring and control.” In 2010 Twenty-Fifth Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC), Pp. 2194–2201. IEEE. Full Text


Smart Grid and Smart Meter initiatives seek to enable energy providers and consumers to intelligently manage their energy needs through real-time monitoring, analysis, and control. We have developed an inexpensive FPGA implementation of a spectral envelope preprocessor. This FPGA permits cost-effective and richly detailed power consumption monitoring for individual loads or collections of loads. It permits a flexible trade-off between data transmission, storage, and computation requirements in a power monitoring or control system. The information from the FPGA can be used to coordinate the operation of power electronic controls.
Last updated on 01/08/2021