Proseminar in WGS





This seminar supports graduate students in becoming feminist scholars.  The focus is twofold: research methodology and professional development.  Readings, discussions, and assignments are designed to help students identify research strategies suited to the questions they wish to pursue in their dissertation research and develop a scholarly, teaching, and public intellectual profile in WGS studies.  Topics and central themes include: feminist epistemologies; qualitative, quantitative, and humanistic research methods; research ethics; disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity; feminist scholarship in policy and public discourse; critical perspectives on the institutionalization of WGS studies; feminist pedagogy; and, journals and publishing.  

This seminar is for graduate students.  The course is open to graduate students in any of Harvard’s schools.  Enrollment is capped at 15 and declared Graduate Secondary Field students in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies receive priority admission. 

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