Intersectionality as Live Theory and Practice in the Biomedical Sciences


Shattuck-Heidorn, Heather, Marion Boulicault, Tamara Rushovich, and Sarah S. Richardson. “Intersectionality as Live Theory and Practice in the Biomedical Sciences.” In Routledge Companion to Intersectionality, Forthcoming. Copy at


"Within the sciences, there are increasing calls for incorporating intersectionality as a theoretical framework in the development of research questions and in methodological approaches. When we consider our recent research experiences, the primary question that arises is not whether quantitative fields can effectively incorporate intersectionality methodologically. Rather, it is whether these disciplines are prepared to expand their definitions of ways of knowing so as to create space for intersectional analysis in the STEM fields."
Forthcoming in the Routledge Companion to Intersectinality, edited by Jennifer Nash and Samantha Pinto.  Contact for advance manuscript.