Sex/Gender and the Biosocial Turn


Shattuck-Heidorn, Heather, and Sarah S. Richardson. “Sex/Gender and the Biosocial Turn.” The Scholar and Feminist Online 15, no. 2 (2019). Copy at
Sex/Gender and the Biosocial Turn


In this essay, we pose the biosocial turn as presenting an opportunity to creatively expand the range of empirical inquiries into gender as a biosocial variable and to newly articulate the importance of attending to gender in biological science. Feminist scientists and science theorists, we argue, would do well to engage the reservoir of innovative new biosocial research as a resource for developing methods and theories for the study of sex/gender. Similarly, we call on biosocial scientists to attend as assiduously to gender as they have to other intersecting foci of analysis, such as racial discrimination and socioeconomic disadvantage.

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