The Saladi Lab

The Saladi Lab is a Head and Neck Cancer Epigenetics laboratory in the Mike Toth Head and Neck Cancer Research Center. Our work focuses on understanding deregulated cancer-associated transcription and epigenetic machinery to improve current approaches to treating cancer. We are attempting to better understand gain and loss of function for multiple epigenetic factors identified through genomic analysis, and their contributions to tumorigenesis to develop targeted therapeutic interventions. Our approach specifically involves single cell transcriptomics, investigating SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling enzymes, and mapping the Hippo pathway for several types of Head and Neck malignancies. Read more about our research focus here

Recent Publications

  1. Chen N, Gabriel G, Ghose S, Lin B, Langenbucher A, Webb J, Bhanot H, Abt NB, Lin D, Varvares M, Sattler M, Elgoff AM, Joh R, Uppaluri R, Emerick KS, Lawrence MS, Saladi SV. YAP1 maintains active chromatin state in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas that promote tumorigenesis through cooperation with BRD4. Cell Reports. 2022 June;39(11):11970-83.
  2. Lin DT*, Lin B*, Bhanot H, Riou R, Abt NB, Rajagopal J, Saladi SV. RUVBL1 is an amplified epigenetic factor promoting proliferation and inhibiting differentiation program in head and neck squamous cancers. Oral Oncology 2020; (111):104930.
  3. Karaayvaz M, Silberman R*, Langenbucher A*, Saladi SV*, Ross K, Zarcaro E, Desmond A, Yildirim M, Vivekanandan V, Ravichandran H, Mylavagnanam R, Specht M, Ramaswamy S, Lawrence M, Amon A, Ellisen LW. Aneuploidy and deregulated DNA damage response define happloinsufficiency in breast tissues of BRCA2 mutation carriers. Science Advances, 2020 Jan 29;6(5):eaaay2611.
  4. Koh SB, Ross K, Isakoff SJ, Melkonjan N, He L, Matissek KJ, Schultz A, Mayer EL, Traina TA, Carey LA, Rugo HS, Liu MC, Stearns V, Langenbucher A, Saladi SV, Ramaswamy S, Lawrence MS, Ellisen LW. RASAL2 Confers Collateral MEK/EGFR Dependency in Chemoresistant Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 2021 Jun 24. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.