in Facing Up To Low Productivity Growth, Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2019

Research Papers

Under the Wage Floor: Exploring firms' incentives to comply with the minimum wage [with Lindsay Judge]
Resolution Foundation Briefing Note, 8th January 2020
Central Bank Independence Revisited: After the financial crisis, what should a model central bank look like? [with Ed Balls and James Howat]
Harvard Kennedy School Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government Associate Working Paper No. 67 (2016)

Research in Progress

Letting Labor Lose: Quantifying incentives to comply with federal minimum wage and labor laws.

How Does Social Class Affect Hiring Decisions for Elite Occupations? [with Sophie Hill]

Higher Wages, Lower Turnover: A case study from the food service industry.

The End of the Golden Age of Central Banking? Secular stagnation is about more than the zero lower bound. [with Lawrence Summers]