I am the Nathaniel Ropes Professor of Political Economy at Harvard and founder of the Social Economics Lab.

I study the taxation of firms and individuals, as well as how people understand, perceive, and form their attitudes towards public policies. My work has centered around the long-lasting effects of tax policy – on innovation, education, and wealth. I have also explored people’s attitudes towards taxation, health care, immigration policies, environmental policies, and social mobility using large-scale Social Economics Surveys and Experiments.

Department of Economics
Littauer Center 232
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA  02138

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Ann M. Richards
Tel: 617-496-3960

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  • S_Stantcheva
    S_Stantcheva Francois-Xavier's JMP establishes that relative position among peers matters but peers quality matters more. These results can help inform the debate on education system reforms and inequalities. Check out his website: 7/7
  • S_Stantcheva
    S_Stantcheva Finally, he identifies the mechanisms driving the rank effect: higher-ranked students sort into better high schools, and display higher interest in subjects studied, enhanced self-confidence, higher career expectations, and greater peer recognition. 6/7
  • S_Stantcheva
    S_Stantcheva Second, he finds Caesar was misguided: although large, rank matters less than class quality for future academic outcomes. The effect of one standard deviation increase in rank amounts to 20% of the effect of a one standard deviation increase in class quality. 5/7