EC 2450B Public Economics and Fiscal Policy II






Hello hello! Very glad you are interested in this class. Here is a quick summary, details in the Syllabus below :)

The class meets Thursdays 3-5:45 pm on.. Zoom! Our great teaching assistant is Omeed Maghzian:

Course content:  This is a graduate course in public economics, intended for graduate students in the Department of Economics and other students with preparation in microeconomic theory and some econometrics. The course teaches core topics in the field of public economics, through a combination of theoretical models and empirical work. We will cover classical, seminal work, as well as new, frontier research.

Lecture notes: I will post lecture notes online on my website here every week the day before or on the day of the class. Lecture and section notes will be posted on Canvas as well.

Lecture recording: Lectures will be recorded, securely stored on Canvas and only accessible to those registered for the class through Canvas.

Reading List: The Reading List for each lecture will be at the back of the slides' set. Papers are linked and we will post them in Canvas too. Strongly recommended readings are in bold. The other readings are there for you to know what the most relevant literature is and to pursue further if the topic is of interest to you.

Course requirements: To complete this course, you will have to 1) do a referee report on a paper that will be assigned; 2) write a paper proposal on a topic of interest to you in public economics; and 3) take a 2 hour final exam at the end of the semester.

Office Hours: Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 pm, starting Feb 3rd. Office hour link is on zoom. Sign-up in google sheet in the syllabus and see details there!




Referee Report (due March 26th): Guide to Writing Referee Reports

Paper Proposal (due May 8th): Paper Proposal