Schedule and Reading List

Date Presenters Topic Papers
Feb 18

Omeed Maghzian Daniel Prinz

Profit shifting Torslov, Wier and Zucman (2020) “The Missing Profits of Nations”
Feb 25

François-Xavier Ladant

Armando Miano

Payroll taxes and employer subsidies

Saez, Schoefer and Seim (2019) “Hysteresis from Employer Subsidies”

Related: Saez, Shoefer and Seim (2019) “Payroll Taxes, Firm Behavior, and Rent Sharing: Evidence from a Young Workers’ Tax Cut in Sweden"

Mar 3

Antonio Coran

LJ Ristovska

EITC. The earthquake

Kleven (2019) “The EITC and the Extensive Margin: A Reappraisal”

Mar 10

Harris Eppsteiner

Ben Sprung-Keyser

State and local firm subsidies

Slattery (2019) “Bidding for Firms: Subsidy Competition in the U.S.”

Slattery and Zidar (2020) “Evaluating State and Local Business Tax Incentives”

Mar 24

Ravi Jagadeesan

Myles Wagner

Behavioral PF Morrison and Taubinsky (2019) “Rules of Thumb and Attention Elasticities: Evidence from Under- and Overreaction to Taxes”
Mar 31

Robert French

Valentine Gilbert

Theory (sufficient stats applied to robots and trade)

Costinot and Werning (2018) “Robots, Trade and Luddism: A Sufficient Statistics Approach to Optimal Technology Regulation”

Apr 7

Angie Acquatella

Sarah Armitage

Combining structural estimation and reduced-form

Andrews, Gentzkow and Shapiro (2019) “On the Informativeness of Descriptive Statistics for Structural Estimates”

Andrews, Gentzkow and Shapiro (2019) “Transparency in Structural Research"

Apr 14

Ed Kong

Health Economics Einav, Finkelstein, Oostrom, Ostriker and Williams (2019) “Screening and selection: The Case of Mammograms”


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