Outside Activities

My responsibilities as a faculty member of the Harvard Kennedy School include research, teaching, outreach initiatives (which involve, in part, communicating research results and policy options), and university administrative responsibilities. Fulfilling some of these responsibilities – in particular outreach initiatives – frequently involves engagement with other organizations. Also, I periodically engage in outside activities (that is, engagement in my personal capacity, rather than as a representative of Harvard University or my research programs at the Kennedy School) with a range of organizations in the public, non-profit, and private sectors. All of these outside activities draw on my professional expertise, and typically involve activities such as speaking, reviewing, writing, editing, consulting, or serving on panels or advisory boards.

In my experience, such outside professional relationships are of considerable value in helping me meet my core responsibilities. Because of my central interest in the use of economic analysis to develop better public policies in the environmental, energy, and natural resources realm, it is of great value for me to understand the perspectives of practitioners in environmental advocacy groups, other non-governmental organizations, governments, and private firms. I find that working closely with such practitioners is a highly effective way of gaining this sort of understanding.

Also, because I am motivated not just to study and understand public policy, but to help practitioners improve it, I try very hard to make my scholarship relevant to the challenges practitioners actually face. For the same reason, I try to present some of my work in forms that are useful to such audiences. Relationships with practitioners of various kinds help me increase the relevance of my scholarship and communicate it to the world of professional practice.

Following is a list in alphabetical order of professional relationships I have had with organizations around the world over the past several years. I have received monetary compensation for some of these, expenses only for others, and no financial payments for others.

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