Publications by Author: Hansjürgens, Bernd

Stavins, Robert N. “Implications of the U.S. Experience with Market-Based Environment Strategies for Future Climate Policy.” In Emissions Trading for Climate Policy: US and European Perspectives, edited by Bernd Hansjürgens, 63–77. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2005.Abstract

Review: "The 1997 Kyoto Conference introduced emissions trading as a new policy instrument for climate protection. Bringing together scholars in the fields of economics, political science, and law, this book provides a description, analysis, and evaluation of different aspects of emissions trading as an instrument to control greenhouse gases. The authors analyse theoretical aspects of regulatory instruments for climate policy, provide an overview of US experience with market-based instruments, draw lessons from existing trading schemes for the control of greenhouse gases, and discuss options for emissions trading in climate policy. They also highlight the background of climate policy and instrument choice in the USA and Europe, and of the emerging new systems in Europe, particularly the new EU directive for a CO[subscript 2] emissions trading system."–Jacket.