Outside Activities

September 2017

Jeremy C. Stein

Outside (Non-Harvard) Activities Since 2006

      A. Compensated Activities*


Speaking Engagements

I have given paid talks for a number of financial firms, investor groups, academic institutions, and central banks.



Key Square Capital Management: consultant, July 2016-present.

BlueMountain Capital Management: consultant, 2015.

Guggenheim Partners: consultant, 2005-2007.


Commissioned Research

The Clearing House Association: “An Analysis of the Impact of ‘Substantially Heightened’ Capital Requirements on Large Financial Institutions,”  unpublished paper with Anil Kashyap and Samuel Hanson, 2010.


Honoraria for Papers

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, for “Rethinking Capital Regulation,” with Anil Kashyap and Raghuram Rajan, 2008.

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, for “The Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet as a Financial Stability Tool,” with Robin Greenwood and Sam Hanson, 2016.

Brookings Institution, for “Strengthening and Streamlining Bank Capital Regulation,” with Robin Greenwood, Sam Hanson and Adi Sunderam, 2017.


Public Service

Federal Reserve Board: Governor, May 2012-May 2014.

U.S. Treasury Department: Senior Advisor to the Secretary; and concurrently, staff of National Economic Council, February-July 2009.



Quarterly Journal of Economics: co-editor, 2011-2012.

Journal of Economic Perspectives: co-editor, 2007-2008.

Study Center, Gerzensee, Switzerland: summer-school course, 2011.

Northwestern University: visiting scholar, 2009.


       B. Significant Non-Compensated Activities

Harvard Management Company: Board of Directors, 2015-present.

American Finance Association: President, 2008; President-Elect, 2007; Vice-President, 2006; Board of Directors, 2009-2011.

Financial Advisory Roundtable, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 2006-2012.

Squam Lake Group, 2008-2012.


*Excludes honoraria from non-profit institutions, government agencies, and academic journals of $3,000 or less in a given year, and payments from for-profit firms of $500 or less in a given year. 

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