Sleep and Brain Health

  • Sleep staging: EEG, ECG, respiratory effort, and measuring sleep depth
  • Sleep reflects brain health: sleep EEG-based brain age, sleep-based cognition prediction.
  • Validation of brain age in cohorts including people with HIV and demented patients.
  • Time-to-event modeling of Alzheimer patients based on actigraphy.
  • Sleep in Alzheimer mice and the response to gamma-secretase modulator treatment.

Causal Inference

  • Estimating average causal effects of burst suppression in ICU population.
  • Estimating causal effects of treatment policies for seizure / seizure-like patterns on outcome.
  • Mediation analysis for multiple comorbidities in HIV and brain age.
  • Novel clinically relevant mediation analysis for multiple causally dependent mediators.

Modeling neuronal plasticity

  • Decoding neuronal assembly from spike trains using joint weight-delay spike-timing dependent plasticity (joint STDP).

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