India: Discarding the Upper-Lower Caste Identities


How do we address a person who

— kills another person? A murderer
— slaughters a child? A monster
— rapes a woman? A rapist
— burns down houses of others? An arsonist
— steals from another person? A thug
— commits pillage? A devil
— commits a crime without remorse? A savage
— fails to perform the duties of being human? A cruel person
— constantly lies to hide? A fraud
— is a cheat? A scoundrel
— taunts the glorification of the lower groups? A prisoner of the past
— thinks him/er is superior to others? An insecure sadist
— is insecure about equality? Incompetent
— loots out of someone’s unpaid labor? A dacoit
— cannot love? Heartless
— exploits? exploiter