Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet: 

Environmental, Business and Policy Solutions

A comprehensive book on sustainable tourism management, by Megan Epler Woodfeatured at major global events since its publication in 2017 and distributed worldwide with growing interest from professionals and general readers alike.  

Accessible to all, Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet helps students, professionals and changemakers to understand how the tourism industry is organized and what will be required to achieve a higher level of sustainability over the next 50 years. It documents how world markets and technology are transforming the industry, why the drive for volume and rapid growth will be difficult to arrest, and how to use policy mechanisms, data and business intelligence to motivate change.

Readers will learn how travel & tourism supply chains are organized and the often misunderstood, interlocking spiderweb of  business models for hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, airlines, and airports.  Environmental management techniques presently deployed by each sector of the industry are analyzed, compared and discussed together with a pragmatic set of solutions to support the transition to lower impact tourism development worldwide.

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Published by Earthscan Press, Routledge. Available worldwide in paperback, hard cover, and ebook form.


Table of Contents: 

  1. The Challenge of Sustainably Managing Tourism on a Finite Planet
  2. Managing a Spider Web: The Tourism Industry Supply Chains & Sustainability
  3. Economic Development of Tourism in Emerging Economies
  4. Hotels – The Backbone of the Tourism Industry
  5. I’ll Fly Away- Airlines, Airports and the Global Circulation of Travelers
  6. Tour Operators – Exporting and Importing Customers Worldwide
  7. The Cruise Industry – Empire of the Seas
  8. Destinations – the Heart of the Tourism Sustainability
  9. Conclusions – The Future of Sustainable Tourism