Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet: Environmental, Business and Policy Solutions

A comprehensive new book on sustainable tourism management, by Megan Epler Wood.  Published by Earthscan Press, Routledge, it is available worldwide in paperback, hard cover, and ebook form. This book is being timed for release to help guide the Post-Paris COP 21 dialog on measuring tourism impacts and the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. It is available by clicking here. Institutions can contact EplerWood International to offer this book for 20% off to members and for right to undertake foreign translations.

This book helps all those involved in international tourism develop the new skills, tools and investments required to protect irreplaceable global resources from the impacts of escalating tourism demand over the next 50 years. It documents how technology and the growing global middle class are driving a travel revolution which requires a new paradigm in managing tourism destinations.

Travel and tourism supply chains and business models for hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, airlines and airports are analysed and environmental management techniques are proposed for each sector. A pragmatic set of solutions are offered to support the transition to lower impact tourism development worldwide.

This book serves as an academic text book, and offers approachable reading on lessons learned and new approaches for policy makers, business people, and environmental analysts alike. For more information contact: 

International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development


About the Author: 

Megan Epler Wood is the Director of the International Sustainable Tourism Initiative, Department of Environmental Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.  This program undertakes science-based applied research using quantitative systems to assist business and government with the goal of achieving net positive outcomes from tourism development worldwide.  She teaches 3 classes at Harvard Extension School in the Graduate Program of Sustainability on environmental management of tourism, ecotourism, and regional tourism planning using geodesign.  For more information on classes click here.  

In 2017, Epler Wood was named as the Managing Director of the Sustainable Tourism Asset Management Program at the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise at the Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business.  This program has launched a small grant program to review business models, supply chains and destination accounting systems that can include the full cost of managing tourism at the local level.  For more information click here.   Further programmatic work at Cornell will include classes, conferences and research.

Epler Wood has led the international consulting practice EplerWood International since 2003 fostering ecotourism development in Africa, Asia and Latin America working as a small woman-owned contractor for USAID, the World Bank group and the Inter-American Development Bank.  She is one of the founders of the ecotourism field and has contributed to the international effort to guide the development of ecotourism with businesses, communities, governments and international organizations since 1990.  

Read more about Epler Wood's motivations in writing this book by clicking here