The Huffington Post is publishing a new series by Megan Epler Wood which provides updates on the Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet: Environmental, Business and Policy Solutions.  This series contains timely reports on science based monitoring of tourism, field based mechanisms to manage tourism growth, behavioral changes we may all have to consider, and innovative solutions to finance the transition to a lower carbon tourism economy.  Follow the series here, on the Huffington Post website, and on Twitter.  


May 22, 2017 

Saving the Heart and Soul of Tourism DestinationsSaving the Heart and Soul of Tourism Destinations

Why are tourism destinations becoming so crowded and what is being done about it? Politico Magazine stated in early 2017, “Amsterdam tries to stem tourist flood and save its soul” and “Barcelona declares war on tourism.” The Independent reported on                                                                   “the death of Venice” in 2015. These cities have seen dramatic                                                                          escalation in visitation that needs attention. Global travelers and the                                                                industry are taking note. Read More...


February 17, 2017

EcotourismEcotourism is Not the Answer to Sustainable Tourism

I just returned from the country of Colombia where approximately one-third of its biodiverse landscapes are opening up to tourism due to a sweeping agreement in December 2016 to end their 50 year civil war. I flew over vast regions of their Orinoco and Amazonian states east of the Andes filled with emotion upon seeing the beautiful parks and                                                                    protected areas there.  Read More...


September 27, 2016

The Decision in Montreal - Can Tourism Be Sustainable?

The 39th International Civil Aviation Organization will begin meeting in Montreal today to make the most significant decision on curbing climate change since the Paris agreement in 2015. Very few people realize that this meeting will dictate if travel can be genuinely                                                                             sustainable.  Read More...


September 20, 2016

Why Don’t We Ever Discuss The Carbon Impacts of Flying?

Flights over 1000 miles long are responsible for over 80 percent of the greenhouse gas impacts of air travel. While environmentally aware individuals worldwide agree that climate change is a proven challenge for our planet, few have changed their travel behaviors.  Read More...