Understanding and Overcoming Roadblocks to Sustainability


Thursday, June 14, 2018, 8:30am to 5:00pm


Harvard Business School, Chao Hall 120

Megan Epler Wood will be speaking on the sustainability metrics for the international tourism industry from 2:05pm to 3:20pm at this full day conference. 

The Metrics & Indexes session will host the following experts:  

  • Megan Epler Wood (Harvard Chan School of Public Health)
  • Hugh Gorman (Michigan Technological University)
  • George Serafeim (Harvard Business School)

Convener: John Ehrenfeld (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The conference will address four interrelated roadblocks and four corresponding research questions:

  • The roadblock of capital markets and quarterly capitalism. Can public companies ever be sustainable?
  • The roadblock of metrics. How can the distorting impact of metrics and indexes be overcome?
  • The roadblock of the lack of green consumers. How can consumers be encouraged to be more willing to pay for sustainability?
  • The roadblock of public policy. How can governmental inclinations to prioritize things other than sustainability be overcome?

For more information, please visit the Harvard Business School's website