February 7, 2018 

El Espectador Megan Epler Wood tourism Spanish interviewConsejos desde Harvard sobre turismo sostenible para el próximo presidente por Camila Taborda en El Espectador (Advice from Harvard on sustainable tourism for the next president by Camila Taborda on El Espectador)  

"La primera vez que Megan Epler vino a Colombia, fue en 1986. Se había ganado una beca Fullbright junto a su esposo para grabar un documental sobre la biodiversidad de los bosques de nubes en Nariño y aprovecharon ese año para recorrer el país. La autora de Turismo sostenible en un planeta finito y directora de la Iniciativa de Turismo Sustentable Internacional en Harvard, asegura que aquí nació su afición por el tema.

El Espectador conversó con la experta norteamericana, quien será la conferencista principal de la Feria Internacional de Aves en Cali del 16 al 18 de febrero. Su experiencia como fundadora de la Sociedad Internacional de Ecoturismo (TIES) podría ser de ayuda para impulsar este mercado en el segundo país más biodiverso del mundo. Click here to read the full interview (Spanish).


August 8, 2017 

National Geographic EcotourismOn Ecotourism in Colombia with Megan Epler Wood by Kiki Calvo 

"Epler Wood explained her philosophy on tourism, something she sees as a way of life rather than an act of consumption.  'I try not to look at what cannot be missed, she said. The more we think about what we cannot miss, the more likely we are to miss what is right in front of us. I see tourism as a way of experiencing the world, which allows us to open our minds, not try to be in the "right place." For this reason, I try to get a feeling for the place, the history, the people, and of course the landscape and its immense animal and plant diversity.  All those things are unforgettable in Colombia.'

Epler Wood has dedicated her life to studying effective cultural interchange and the way it can help developing economies. She recently released a book compiling her work: Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet. The book helps all involved in international tourism to consider effective practices and protect natural resources from constantly escalating numbers of travelers. Tourism is more than a leisure activity; it’s a marker of a new cultural wave: 'Technology and the growing global middle class are driving a travel revolution which requires a new paradigm in managing tourism destinations.'” Click here to read the full interview. 


July 27, 2017 

ProColombiaInterview with Diego Fernando Reyes Trujillo from ProColombia

Megan Epler Wood discusses her new book in Spanish and its implications for managing sustainable tourism in Colombia for tour operators, hotels, and emerging destinations together with ProColombia's content.

Click here to watch the full interview. 


May 24, 2017

ReinventUsing Tourism Revenue to Strengthen Local Communities

Peter Leyden from Reinvent interviews Megan Epler Wood as part of the "Future of Sharing" Series.  In the interview, Epler Wood shared her recommendations for increasing sustainability in the tourism industry while discussing her new book, Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet. She advocates for an international summit meeting to identify existing challenges and think critically about the areas most in need of investment.  Click here to watch the full interview.


January 28, 2017

Peter Greenberg InterviewInterview with Peter Greenberg

Peter Greenberg, the travel editor for CBS News, interviewed Megan Epler Wood, Program Director of our International Sustainable Tourism Initiative, to tackle tough issues facing destinations around the world, including Greece, Italy, and Cuba. Megan also shares insights from her new book, Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet.

To listen online, jump to 1:16 or 76:00 for the segment with Megan.