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Responsible Travel"The great strength of her book, which she is uniquely placed to write, is to give the reader a framework for how this [systemic change] might be done – and to make it real and credible through case histories."  

"The author’s comprehension of the structures and dynamics that lie beneath the industry is impressive, and of course vital to understand for anyone wanting to manage tourism or create change." 

"I’m confident that there will be many eager readers of the book ready and willing to take up the cause."

From the Q&A Review with Justin Francis of Responsible Travel on Sustainability Leaders.  

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TravelMole"In Megan's book - 'Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet' - she meticulously, sets out where we are and her suggestions for our future together with dozens of case studies - lessons good and bad.

Of course Megan, as a leading academic sustainability professional, comes up with very sustainable solutions - in her view destination management needs a complete rethink, international law needs to be adapted to control mega cruise ships, there needs to be more training in tourism, amongst other innovations."

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        ~Valere Tjolle, CEO of TourismVision Ltd., Publisher & Editor of VISION on Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Tourism Editor of TravelMole, Principle of Totem Tourism


"IECOCLUB.comf you were elected to public office and suddenly installed as head of the tourism ministry without previous professional experience of the travel sector (it does happen) and only a vague idea of sustainability, then this densely written book can be your crash course on how the tourism sector works and what exactly it would take – and how difficult it really is - to make it sustainable. But it is an equally useful and thought-provoking work for seasoned and aspiring tourism sustainability professionals, as it includes detailed praise and criticism of a wide range of stakeholders trying, some harder than others, to make tourism greener."

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        ~Antonis Petropoulos, Founder & Editor of


HM DesignMegan Epler Wood has been one of the visionaries of the Ecotourism movement which birthed the current Sustainable Tourism industry. Under her charge at The International Ecotourism Society (which she founded in 1990), Megan helped publish the two seminal books on Ecolodges both of which contained significant chapters on site-sensitive planning and architectural design.

And now, she has written one of the more in-depth books ever written on Sustainable Tourism. Intensely researched and with real life case studies, Megan meticulously makes a case for Land Use Master Planning as a pre-requisite to ecologically and socially-sound Sustainable Tourism Products.
She breaks down all the various aspects of Sustainable Tourism in an easy to read and understandable language. The book addresses green infrastructural planning, land use planning for airports etc. and balances research with real-life projects that showcase successful Master Planning efforts such as destinations like Koh Lanta Hai, Thailand, Jamaica etc.

Megan’s treatise has come at an opportune time as United Nations has designated 2017 as “The International Year of Sustainable Tourism”.  She argues that proper Land use planning can help to improve the quality of life for residents whilst helping to maintain the value of Tourism real estate. She prophesies that Tourism Destination Planning must consider open spaces and wildlife corridors and it is refreshing to see her endorsement of GIS as an integral tool to be used for large scale Master and ecological Planning. 

This book is a must read for Tourism Physical Planners, Landscape Architects, Architects, Developers and Govt. officials in the Ministries of Tourism and Environment. It provides valuable information on this inevitably fast- growing segment of the Tourism Industry.

        ~Hitesh Mehta, FASLA FAAK RIBA Associate AIA, President, HM Design


TAPASI read Megan’s new book with great anticipation, not least because she coordinates Knowledge Development for the TAPAS Group, and was not disappointed. Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet is a thought provoking and insightful book, which includes information on tourism in protected areas.  Megan has provided an innovative and accessible text, that combines findings from her own research and consulting journey, descriptions of novel and engaging research by her students, and also reviews work by other practitioners and academics in this field.  In particular, I found the profiling of student research work to be most engaging, in particular because the book provides a platform to showcase their achievements (that perhaps would otherwise not be publically available), and hopefully encourage them in their careers as emerging experts in this field.   The book takes us through tourism supply chains, impacts of tourism in emerging economies, sustainability in the hotel, airline, cruise and tour operator sector, and also provides a considered approach to destination development.

Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet is valuable research for students, academic and practitioners, who want an easy-to-read, but comprehensive current snapshot of the status of sustainable tourism globally.

        ~ Dr. Anna Spenceley, Chair, IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group


This book will give you a comprehensive and deep understanding of all the multiple actors in the international tourism industry and their environmental impacts and challenges, along with economic, political, and cultural dimensions. The comprehensive analyses of each segment of the industry - tour operators, cruise lines, airlines, hotels, and the emerging online tourism entrants - lay out quantitatively and qualitatively the business models, competitive dynamics, policy, and environmental aspects. A comprehensive, penetrating, and highly readable analysis of the challenges and possible solutions for achieving environmental sustainability. Read this and become instantly knowledgeable

        ~ James E. Austin, Eliot I. Snider and Family Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Co-Founder, Social Enterprise Initiative, Harvard Business School


Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet is both comprehensive and provocative. A must-read for anyone interested in the present and future state of travel and tourism in the face of global climate change, poverty, and ecosystem degradation. Grounded in decades of leadership and experience, Epler Wood methodically presents the comprehensive social, environmental, and financial impacts of what has become one of the most important economic engines of the global economy and introduces new business models and approaches to move us beyond overconsumption of limited tourism assets. 

       ~ Mark B. Milstein, Ph.D., Director, Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University


Epler Wood's book carefully documents why travel and tourism plays a critical role in preserving natural and social capital and its seminal importance to human health, well-being, and compassion in this multicultural world. With equal emphasis, it outlines the importance of replicable measurements of the industry's cumulative impacts, with in-depth analysis of each sector's major industrial sectors - hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, airlines, and airports. Read this book to learn how to approach this global industry.

       ~ John D. Spengler, Ph.D., Akira Yamaguchi Professor of Environmental Health and Human Habitation, Director, Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


How will we protect destinations with projected global population growth and an increase in the demand for travel? Epler Wood lays out an integrated vision for sustainable tourism that effectively addresses the relationship between traveler consumption patterns and their impact on natural resources. For corporate social responsibility and tourism destination managers alike, this book offers indispensable real-world case studies and provides a vision for a pragmatic way forward.

       ~ Seleni Matus, Executive Director, International Institute of Tourism Studies, The George Washington University


Table of Contents: 

  1. The Challenge of Sustainably Managing Tourism on a Finite Planet
  2. Managing a Spider Web: The Tourism Industry Supply Chains & Sustainability
  3. Economic Development of Tourism in Emerging Economies
  4. Hotels – The Backbone of the Tourism Industry
  5. I’ll Fly Away- Airlines, Airports and the Global Circulation of Travelers
  6. Tour Operators – Exporting and Importing Customers Worldwide
  7. The Cruise Industry – Empire of the Seas
  8. Destinations – the Heart of the Tourism Sustainability
  9. Conclusions – The Future of Sustainable Tourism

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